Poem: Life without Youtube…….

Woke up with the hashtag #YouTubeDown,

Switch my mood and took me to my past town!

Childhood friends, school and outdoor games,

Better than VHS, DVD, videos or animated cramps?!

Entertainment comprehend Youtube world,

Made me weak to live without this new-fangled world!

Food, fun, dance, music, tourism, science, technology,

Youtube is beautiful mix of all terminology!

Learning, teaching, dancing or reading,

I learn all lessons from YouTube streaming!

Degraded Eyes, health or brain,

Youtube amusement never distract my oppression!

But wait a second,

#YouTubedown holds my breathing wind!

Picking a phone, watching a video,

Can takeaway my soul audio!

Let me explore my eternal strength,

Feel the existence of Natural warmth!

Learning stuffs by experience,

Breaking shortcuts and overcoming nuisance!

YouTube is my part-time,

#Youtube down realize me not to grab my full time!!

Thanks for reading!

Image courtesy- Google, Pinterest.

Bring out true smile on every girl’s face, International day of girl child, special.

Making a girl feel confident, loved and welcomed is the duty of every household. I do feel, why we don’t say that about boys. I guess, boys command or demand respect by their very demeanour and girls being timid, shy need time to be themselves even in their own households. And boys are not expected to be competitive and have extra qualities to be loved, girls on the other hand, are always compared and so the love factor too keeps dwindling.


If I talk about myself, I was one such soul and still am,(although occasionally, always waiting for people to talk to me, rather than taking the plunge. Even hiding, from people, I know, or complete strangers, too. I never feel I can impress anyone, the first time. And with my posture and my appearance, I was not the very attractive kind of girl, may be, as people were not forthcoming to me, and my sister would command every single glare, with her magnetic persona. So there again, my parents too, were caught by her appearance and mannerisms and I was ignored on most occasions not on purpose, though.

I guess this was my share in this world and this has helped shape my personality. Although, I have found a true blessing in disguise, with my inner self opening up & making way to my love story with the divine which started in my foundation years of teens. I found a true friend in HIM. More on this aspect, in my subsequent blogs.

But today also that one thing, I lack is self confidence, and self doubt at every single instance when it comes to all the worldly matters. But then, again, this could be how it was intended for me. But as parents, or teachers, friends, relationships should be as nurturing as possible.

Childhood acceptance can never be replaced and each soul needs to be nurtured and felt welcome in this beautiful world. More so true for girls, as they are on the receiving end of any wrath. And an extra effort might be required to bring out their true beauty, as nature intended them to be, passionate, loving souls spreading their light onto the world, only to be uncovered, at the right time, that is the prime duty of those around that soul.

“Smiling face of every little girl is the signature of God’s presence.”

A girl, well groomed, can groom an entire generation well.

Nurturing a girl, can nurture a whole generation.

The Contradicting World….

World strange are thy ways!

A Life, struggles for attention,

perfumes, wrapped in clothes, trendy,

Sometimes without them, hoping for some impression

When on deathbed, all eyeballs stuck to you,

Tears flowing every face, every heart is in pain

Only if we know, he was going to die,

Would have talked my heart out, & made u smile again.


Lemons are no longer in the lemonades

As washing bowls, they grace the plates,

Tender coconuts, so tender inside,

Only if one surpasses the tough wall outside.


A smiling face, full of struggles, anger and lies,

Wants to hide the same, with a pretty disguise.

Truth doesn’t come with a pretty face

Fake claims to be real, with loud shouts,

With testimonials, and proofs of all sorts,

So difficult, to get truth in this race.


The brightest light, is underneath the candle

The cuckoo, sings the sweetest song to cradle,

Her identity is yet hidden in the woody Jungle.

Nature puts on a wonderful disguise,

Suggests everything here, is beyond our eyes.









Indonesia earthquake: Air traffic controller ensures a safe takeoff; kissing death; hailed as hero

Anthonius Gunawan Agung, Twenty-one-year-old Air traffic controller, was on duty ,in the air traffic control tower at the Palu’s Mutiara SIS Al-Jufrie airport, when suddenly a series of earthquakes struck, in Sulawesi island on Friday.

As per the Officials, he refused to leave his post till the time, he got an the Batik Air plane off the ground, to safety, while all his colleagues, not handling aircraft, chose to depart.

“When the quake hit, he was in the process of giving clearance to Batik Air to take off and waited there till the end, for the plane to be airborne safely, before finally leaving the ATC cabin tower,” said  of AirNav Indonesia, spokesman Yohanes Harry Sirait.

But after Flight 6231 was safe in the air, the quakes became all the more tostronger, culminating in a 7.5 magnitude jolt and also a tsunami taking lives of 832 people.

Eventually, Agung jumped from the top of the crumbling four-storey tower to escape, but not before breaking his leg and suffering serious injuries.

He was taken to nearby hospital but he died before the helicopter could arrive to take him to a better-equipped facility.

“The company will raise Agung’s rank by two levels as a sign of appreciation for his extraordinary dedication,” AirNav said in a statement.

Tara Fares, 22 year old Iraqi model, shot dead!

An Iraqi model, Tara Fares, having millions of Instagram followers, was killed Thursday afternoon. Several gunmen opened fire on the 22 year old, in the Kam Sara neighbourhood.

She suffered 3 bullet wounds at about 5.45pm local time. She was taken to the closest, Sheikh Zaid hospital shortly, a spokesperson for Baghdad’s Rusafa Health Centre said.

The attackers are still at large. The death of the Iraqi model, voted Baghdad’s beauty queen, about four years ago, is being investigated by Iraqi Ministry of Interior, as per Kurdistan 24 reports.