Happiness is a new addiction!!


Hello! Good Day!

We all have Bad days. But it is important to stay happy even on bad days. Life isn’t perpetual. We come across a lot of situations in a single day. Many of which teaches us a lot of lessons.

Nobody can expect every day, to be a good day! Every day might not be good, but there is something good in every day. To find that, we need to have a clear perception with a happy mind and soul. We need to be addicted to happiness, which can be created by ourselves alone. Often, we expect others to make us happy and we happen to become sad when our expectation breaks. Sometimes we ruin a lot of time-fighting for it, which we later realize that it was silly.

No matter what life is got for us, a healthy mind and a happy soul will help us tackle any situation. Happiness is important in our life because, when we are happy, we can make people around us happy. It gives people around us a positive vibe, turns the environment happy and joyful. A Smile on our face can help a few people at least to fight their daily battles. 

Why is the smile of a child so infectious and feels pure? 

It is because a child’s mind never runs down to negative and fearful thoughts. It doesn’t care about anything else in the world! Its happiness is its priority. It does everything to make itself happy. When we see a child happy, we get that happy vibe, which in turn makes us happy. So it is important to stay happy.

Your happiness is your priority. No matter what comes in life, never forget to wear a smile on your face. Stay yourself and contribute to making a happy world. 

Therefore, it is very important for us to be happy and create a happy life.

Stay Happy! Stay Healthy! Stay Positive!